Principles of software ergonomics

DIN EN ISO 9241 is an international standard describing human-system interaction. It serves as a guideline for the design of software and interactive systems to ensure a high degree of accessibility. This should increase the effectiveness and efficiency, which should be accompanied by a higher level of user satisfaction. Accessibility and user-friendliness are therefore always to be regarded as coherent.

In order to optimize the accessibility of human-system interaction, the following approaches should be considered:

  • Appliance of a user-oriented approach to creation
  • Follow context-based design processes
  • Consider options for customization
  • Offers of instructions and training to the individual user

The international standard also takes into account guidelines to ensure the smooth interaction between software and assistive technology.

Software vendors can save tremendous development costs by prioritizing and prioritizing the accessibility of software. Thus, costly rework and annoyance can be avoided with the customer. Software vendors should not neglect the social and legal aspects of accessible software, as lost jobs and image loss are hard to undo.